Team Building

Teatro del Fuoco

Dazzling, evocative and exciting, with enticing choreographies and scenographies, Il Teatro del Fuoco is a show on tour on public and private stages, it takes part in festivals, and it is an International Firedancing Festival in the mediterranean Islands Unesco sites every year from the end of july to the first week of august. Extraordinary places of Mediterranean islands become a stage for firedancers that astonish the audience. The Teatro del Fuoco create dynamism in places where it performe and attract the attention of national and international media, it is considered one of the 12 coolest festivals in the world worth traveling (USA Forbes). It was awarded twice from the President of the Italian Republic. Unesco sites, unspoiled islands such as Stromboli and the Aeolian Islands, the powerful Etna volcano, the Egadi Islands hosted the Teatro del Fuoco®, on 2018 it stops in Palermo, Italian Capital of Culture 2018, an expression of Norman Arabian art UNESCO Sites in Sicily. From an artistic and technical point of view, the Teatro del Fuoco show unites in a unique choreography the charm of fire, dance, acrobatics and mime. The artists, who come from all over the world, excellent in their different identities and disciplines, show the meanings of the Fire giving life to suggestive performances, rhythms and music, bodies and flames move in an unique exciting choreography. The project was born in 2008, from an idea of he journalist Amelia Bucalo Triglia, and after 11 editions, continues to astonish as the first day, for the ability to renew and surprise. In the Festival more sections are dedicated to literature, food, photography and kids to tell about meanings of fire. Those who attend the shows will live an unforgettable experience. The Associazione Elementi, is the producer of the Teatro del Fuoco and it is specialized in projects of social utility, culture, communication. Elementi has been working from 2008. Amelia Bucalo Triglia is the president.


Eclittica – Creating Emotions

In February 2004, Azimut – creating emotions was born: a tiny experience-design company whose mission was to produce innovative formats, team-building activities and shows for the Meeting Industry and the Luxury Events Industry. In this period, we learnt that real experiences are all about interactions and connections – among people, places and brands, sometimes hidden just off the beaten track. Almost 15 years and over 800 events later, in 2018, Azimut had enlarged its scopes and functions, creating several different brands that, while working independently, support each other in making this mission come true. Eclittica is the brand that fully inherit Azimut’s original calling, and is indeed dedicated to design outstanding experiences that amaze, engage, inspire and move. Same people, same recipe, same office – with renewed energy. Its goal is, as always, just… creating emotions! Other brands owned by Azimut are Missione Matrimonio, dedicated to wedding events, and Sphera Dance Company, with its own unique themed dance productions.