Planeta Feudo di Mezzo – Sciaranuova

In 2008 after searching for a long time for the best land for our vines, we stopped on the north side of Etna, among the lava flows and the woods which surround Passopisciaro. Here we planted our Nerello and Carricante vines and in 2012 the winery was also established. The estate spreads both south and north of the village. To the north, in the middle of the beautiful Sciaranuova vineyard, at more than 800 metres above sea level, we invested in the careful restoration of old buildings, which today represent the centre of our hospitality. To the south, near the Feudo di Mezzo vineyard, we built the Feudo di Mezzo winery right in the centre of a fifteenth century lava flow. Nearby we planted Torreguarino, Pietramarina and Montelaguardia vines, ideal for our white wines. At Sciaranuova we transformed part of the old terraces into a Theatre in the Vineyard, where every summer the Sciaranuova Festival is held, one of the cultural activities that we have inspired and produced. Six of our wines are produced on Etna, other than the Brut Metodo Classico. Only two of them fall within the Etna DOC because the other two – the Eruzione 1614 – come from the Sciaranuova vineyard, which lies outside the area of denomination, at 850 metres above sea level. These two are our Etna crus, for which we chose a very evocative name, recalling the legendary eruption of 1614, the longest ever recorded, lasting more than ten years, and which halted right on the border of these vineyards, forming their shape.


Planeta Ulmo

Our story and our journey began at Ulmo. In the middle of the 1980’s we planted our first vines around the 16th century farmhouse which the family has always owned; a beautiful place full of memories which we wanted to provide with a new future. We built our first winery in 1995 on the banks of the Lake Arancio and its nearby woods, in really delightful countryside. We also established the Iter Vitis museum, surrounded by a ‘Collection meadow’ of different Sicilian and Georgian vines, inspired by the idea of enhancing the rich Sicilian winemaking tradition. The nature footpath, La Segreta, leaves from the winery and leads to exploration of three more different paths which border the vineyards, discovering untouched corners and unexpected views. Hidden within the Menfi hills and with 160 hectares of vineyard, the Dispensa estate is the beating heart of all our activities. The family houses are within the Baglio, while around them lie our production, administrative and planning centres. The larger part of the company’s production takes place here, and we have built two wineries; the large and the small. The Infernotto, inside the small winery, is our family caveau, with a collection of our favourite labels from all over the world and all the Planeta vintages. These are some of the wines which have made history for our company and carry the name of our family throughout the world: from Chardonnay, symbol of our production and of the winemaking renaissance in Sicily, to Cometa, the great white wine of south Italy and result of our experiments with Fianco; from Alastro which best expresses the characteristics of an ancient indigenous grape like Grecanico, to La Segreta, faithful companion for everyday drinking; passing through the single variety Merlot and Syrah vineyards, to Menfi among the Dispensa and Ulmo vineyards.


Planeta Buonivini Noto

We arrived at Noto in 1998, establishing our estate in the district which, not by coincidence, has always been known as ‘Buonivini’. Here we rebuilt the Case Sparse, small rural houses where today you can stay in an authentic and ideal atmosphere, made comfortable by furnishings produced from recycled materials. After visiting the ‘Invisible Winery’ and a wine tasting, lunch is available in the rooms of the old wine press or with a picnic in the shade of carob trees enjoying the typical products of the territory. The heart of hospitality at Buonivini is the old grape press in the centre of the vineyard, restored and recovered from original architecture and dating from the early 1900’s, where the tanks for grape pressing and fermentation of the must are still visible. We will expect you here after a visit to the vineyards and to the winery for a guided tasting of our wines, an aperitif, lunch and purchases in the wine shop. The large vineyard of Buonivini is punctuated by Case Sparse, small rural houses which were scattered among the small properties which once divided the estate. They have been renovated, painted with the typical red of old country farm houses and furnished with the creations of the artist Costanza Algranti, made entirely from recycled materials found locally.


Terra Costantino

Discovering the “Costantino” secret is through familiarity and innovation. 10 hectares vineyard, only ETNA DOC grapes in organic farming The story of Costantino’s started about fifty years ago when grapes were pressed without the use of machinery by using the ancient small “Palmento” (millstone building) and the wine was born through the passion of handwork. The winery millstone dates back to 17th century and it is still kept intact. The new winery was built with great respect for the land, according to bioarchitecture techniques. Dino Costantino and his son Fabio will lead you to discover the unique environment and organic wines from southern east slope of Mont Etna.
A visit could begin overviewing the vineyard, the native varieties and organic farming techniques; then a walk to the old millstone, with nods of history of traditional winemaking and folk culture. Often guests try to imagine volcanic soil, so the best way is to explain the stratigraphy of Mount Etna through sections of the land.


Cantina Benanti

Benanti is a family-run, exclusive winery located on the slopes of the Etna Volcano in Sicily and is among the most prominent producers of fine wines in Italy.  Wine has been produced by our family for several generations, mostly for private consumption, until Giuseppe Benanti, today aged 69, decided to establish a professional winery in 1988, with the aim of spreading the culture of Etna wines among a community of Italian and international wine lovers alike.  We describe ourselves as an indigenous winery with an international mindset. Local family, local people, local grape varietals, local pride, local values… and a niche of discerning customers which spans the globe. A true passion, to be shared by all those who desire to explore the world of Etna and its fine, elegant wines.  Our winery is currently run by twin brothers Antonio and Salvino, aged 40, two passionate and international-minded Sicilians who have returned home to follow their father Giuseppe’s footsteps after spending several years abroad in Switzerland and the UK, with the aim of taking the winery to new heights. In recognition of the quality of our work, we were named Italian Winery of the Year by the Gambero Rosso wine guide in 2007 and Top-100 Winery of the Year by Wine & Spirtits magazine of the USA in 2012.  Our award-winning wines can be enjoyed at selected restaurants and wine boutiques in Italy, the USA, Canada, the UK, France, Germany, Japan, Singapore, China, Australia, Scandinavia and Switzerland.


Tenuta del Gelso

Tenute Mannino di Plachi’s winery tradition was born in 1800 year when the Baron Franz Mannino became to export wine and orange in North America and Europe, winning awards in various exhibitions around the world. Now Tenute Mannino di Plachi is a farm and winery company and a lots of turist come every day for winetasting or lunch, dinner and other ecotourism activities. In this moment Mr. Giuseppe Mannino is Consorzio Tutela Vini Etna DOC’s president.
We have a wide range of products: wine production is concentrates on ETNA grapes: Catarratto, Carricante, Nerello Mascalese e Nerello Cappuccio (up to 40 000 bottles); marmellades of orange, bitter orange and mandarin with pells and honey of zagara, like our family’s ancient recipe; D.O.P extra vergin olive oil with the autocton kind of Etna’s olives: Nucellara etnea; Cream of: green olives, black olives, sun dried tomatoes and spicy; sun dried tomatoes; fruit and vegetables. All production is proper and therefore allows to guarantee quality and traceability, from raw material to finished product.
Our company is made up of three different structures:
“Podere Pietra Marina” on north side of Etna and at 550 mt of altitude, in Castiglione di Sicilia. Here is situated our red grapes, Nerello Mascalese and Nerello Cappuccio that we use to the production of Etna Red DOC wine and even for other blend. Lavic and mineral soil, important temperature range between day and night are important factors that identify the character of Etna DOC wine.
“Le Sciarelle” on east side of Etna in Viagrande. On 400 mt of altitude we have our white grapes; Carricante and Catarratto to the production of Etna White DOC wine.
In our wine cellar in Castiglione we give life to our 6 labels:
– Etna Rosso D.O.C. 2009 “Tenute Mannino dei Plachi”
– Etna Rosso D.O.C. 2006 “Vasadonna ” – Riserva
– Etna Bianco D.O.C 2013 “Tenute Mannino di Plachi”
– I.G.P. Sicilia Rosso“Tenuta del Gelso”
– I.G.P. Terre Siciliane Rosso “Tenuta del Gelso”
– I.G.P Terre Siciliane Carricante “Tenuta del Gelso”
“Tenuta del Gelso” is the newest one. Itss past has been focused on grape infact we have one of the biggest Palmento (old Wine cellar) of the area that testifies the ancient family wine production; now we have 65 hectars of citrus and olives plantation and a big vegetables garden.


Cantine Cottanera

Etna itself flows in the lymph of the Cottanera vineyards. With its pioneer viticulture, Cottanera is one of the most extraordinary companies in Italian and international enology today. The vineyards grow over lava stone, 700 mts above the sea, on the northern slope of the volcano, rising and twisting with air of the volcano, becoming the mirror of a unique, precious territory, a fascinating, suggestive land.

Ease and tradition lie at the heart of hospitality at Cottanera. Tours of the vineyard and winery, and tastings, often in the company of the owners themselves are held.  All information about the company and lands are available in both Italian and English.

The catering is personally looked after by Maddalena Cambria, who, with the assistance of some company staff, prepares a rich selection of tasty, ancient dishes taken from traditional lore, accompanied by three of the company’s wines.