Albachiara B&B

Cuddled by the sea and pampered by the Sun of Sicily. A place for your moments of relax in the warm and sunny summer months, in the languid afternoons in autumn, in the mild winter months or in the lush, green spring days.
B&B Albachiara, the natural Mediterranean soul of welcome. Innovation, convenience and comfort are just few of the several characteristics of our rooms. Each of them is featured with colors which remind the beauty of Mediterranean plants and trees. These colors are the right set for peace and knowledge represented by Olive tree, for auspicious and fertility symbolized by Almond, fecundity by Pomegranate and Myrtle, knowledge and strength by Fico, passion Prickly Pear, continuity by Carob and richness by Hibiscus. All rooms are equipped with private bathroom, Air Conditioning, Room Service, Mini Bar, Built-in Safe, Free Internet Wi-Fi, TV (45 Channels).