Monthly: February 2019

Vuciata Kitchen Market

Vuciata, the “kitchen in the market” was born in the centre of the Pescheria of Catania, recovering two historic shops overlooking the Ninfo courtyard and it proposes to become an alternative place for meet, relax, natter and enjoy  good food. The name Vuciata wants to establish a deep link with the market and its shouts. This link is strengthened by the food proposal inspired to the other side of the “Pescheria”, that of traditional and genuine flavours that tell of countryside and farms, homemade preserves, bread and “”alivi cunzati” (seasoned olives), in oil, meats and chees, which in Via Gisira, in the butcher’s area, they are the main characters of the market. The Vuciata food format is characterized by refined proposals that celebrate the local food and the choice of raw materials and food products
coming from a controlled and traceable chain, as well as Slow Food presidia, organic cultivation, certified DOC, PGI, PDO denomination. New format in the choice of services too, the way of dispenses inspired to the market, where food products and meats show off themselves.


Hotel Villa Diodoro

The Hotel Villa Diodoro, is a place for those that enjoy the best in life. Open all-year round, and located just a just a few steps from the idyllic town of Taormina, the hotel boasts a pool area which looks out over Mount Etna and the bay of Naxos. Whether you plan an intimate ceremony with close friends and family or a lavish celebration on a grand scale, the venue takes centre stage to create the perfect atmosphere for your dream wedding in Taormina. Exclusively reserved for banqueting, weddings and celebrations, the Dining Room and its elegant outdoor terrace that overlooks the resort’s gardens, offers an atrium setting with comfortable privacy and personalised attention that is discreetly present. Featuring residential cuisine that is inspired by the guest and crafted from the freshest and most seasonal ingredients, the Dining Room thrives on creativity and consistency. The Pool Terrace bathed by the blue of the sky and sea, exclusively reserved for banqueting, weddings and celebrations, is a place to contemplate the rhythm of sea tides and the setting sun.


Me Cumpari Turiddu

Me Cumpari Turiddu is a Ristrò in the heart of Catania. At the café, you can enjoy the breakfast with bread and jam or soft-boiled egg. At the bistrot, there is the Sicilian street food, made as the grandparents did it: mafaldine and loaves of bread with Ragusa capuliato or mortadella, sandwich with sausage, pitoni, Messina focaccia. And then, salads, soups and omelets. For a snack, there is the tea room with organic Sicilian tea, while for those who wants to savor the delicacy of the restaurant, there are rich and tasty meat-based dishes (made with the black pig of Nebrodi or with the Ragusa donkey, or even Sicilian beef) and fish-based dishes (made with seasonal fishes). And yet, a rich selection of pastries (try the Susimi, Sicilian tiramisù) and the ppossibility to purchase and bring with you the products you eat.


Gli Aromi

“Gli AROMI Sicily” was founded eighteen years ago. The founders’ passion is highlighted in their values: the passion for herbs and spices, love for their homeland and also traditional handwork are key elements to keeping the company’s quality standards high. Therefore, the plant is not considered a freestanding decoration cut from its place of belonging, but an important part of its context, an element to discover.Nowadays the company produces and sells more than 200 different varieties of plants belonging to different families; including Labiatae and Umbelliferae, plants from the Sicilian south east coast and plants from different parts of the world – ornamental sages with unique colours! Since its founding, the caper plant represents the masterpiece of “AROMI Sicily” and it is commonly used between the stone walls and the stones of farmhouses, the plant gives a deeper sense of connection to the native land. Recently the company expanded its range by including new varieties of ornamental sage, thyme, lavender, romarini, santoline, helichrysum and others. The next challenge for the company is to start producing tropical plants and “ancient” Sicilian plants that once were endemic Sicily, but today are threatened with extinction.The company looks to the future by staying loyal to its roots but at the same time keeping an eye on new challenges from all over the world. The family-run business still has a strong sense of identity and the awareness of being in the centre of the Mediterranean, the cradle of ancient Western civilisation.


GTS Gran Tour in Sicily

Gts Sicily is a Tour Operator in Palermo. It gives you an exclusive way to get to know Sicily through selected emotional itineraries with the finest content of passion for nature, history, art and food and offered through the use of a luxury car. For us, you are the protagonist of the movie that we will help you to write and direct: your unforgettable trip to Sicily. We do it in a personalized way, through high quality tourist services, taking care of you from arrival to departure.

SERVICES: Tour Operating – Hotel accommodation, Transfer service, Excursions through particular sicilian circuit with a luxury car.


Stand Florio

Stand Florio Contemporary Hub is today a new evolved space born from the recover of the homonym hystoric building realised in 1906. With its ductile and renovated spaces,
Stand Florio is today the ideal location for all kind of events, from the more innovative artistic performances to the big corporate meeting, from the re-call show to refined private events. The venue consists of three areas: the garden, the ground floor and the first floor. The Stand Florio hosts cultural events of great relief: shows, performances, presentations, concerts.