Monthly: September 2015

SCIVAC Congress

Date: 17-19 July 2015

Client: Scivac (Member of ANMVI managed by EV S.C. a r.l.)

Type event: Congress

Category: Medical/Scientific

Location: Catania

Venue: Sheraton Catania Hotel


Convention EDS

Date: May 2015

Client: EDS

Type event: Convention

Category: Scientific/Tech

Location: Palermo

Venue: TBD



YESchool is a language school which offers translation services and foreign languages training since 2009 both for individuals and companies. YESchool Team is composed by a group of professionals with skills developed at an international level: native language teachers, qualified for teaching, and translators specialized in several industries. Languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Chinese, Dutch, Portuguese, Arabic.

YESchool offers language courses for adults and kids:  (A1/A2; B1/B2; C1/C2). YESchool trains students for certifications like: Young Learners, Ket, Pet, First, BULATS, TOEFL, IELTS.  They organize also workshops and offer also proof reading and translation services.


AIIC Italia – Servizi Linguistici

We are the Sicily-based members of the Association Internationale des Interprètes de Conférence (AIIC) whose Italian section is called AIIC Italia. AIIC Central Headquarters are in Geneva and AIIC is the only recognized professional counterpart for international bodies such as the EU institutions and the UN agencies.
AIIC Italia guarantees the high standards required from professional interpreters in International Forums and provides personalized and detailed expertise on the different translation techniques and solutions for the setting up of interpreters’ teams.
AIIC Italia will therefore guide you through the most suitable professionals to be selected for your event, both in terms of language skills and logistics. Whenever possible, an interpreter whose professional domicile is close to the congress venue will be given priority, provided he or she has the required language expertise and terminology proficiency.
Being AIIC members, Sicily-based interpreters can guarantee the high professional standards and professional ethics AIIC stands for, namely in terms of confidentiality and unbiasedness. Our solid educational and professional background includes experience at the European and international levels as well as the strict AIIC admission procedure, a peer review, whereby established AIIC members do an extensive monitoring of the candidates in real work situations before validating their language skills and professional ethics.

Conference interpreters translate orally, transferring concepts from language A to language B through a variety of interpretation modes, namely: simultaneous translation (in real time, sitting in a booth with earphones and speaking through a microphone to an earphone-equipped audience), consecutive translation (with note-taking and delivery in a different language at short intervals) and whispered translation (sitting next to the person/s needing translation).
No matter what the technique used is, however, an interpreter is the unbiased mediator between two “foreign” languages which, thanks to his or her intervention, become “familiar”, thus making dialogue possible.
For a more exhaustive definition of the conference interpreter specific competences, please refer to Norma UNI 11591, published on September 10, 2015.